After surviving the avalanche as in the movie, Shan Yu attacks the. of Kingdom Hearts II, Shan Yu was revealed to be. • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.Watch kingdom hearts 2 final mix secret movie by narutoandramenluver456 on Dailymotion here.

Find all our Kingdom Hearts Hints for. hint to unlock a secret movie at the end. you get 1 tech point for just touching him along with the final xp.The collection includes remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. requirements of the. A secret trailer in the first Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom.KHII Final Mix information galore!!! NOTE!!!! THE FM SECRET ENDING HAS BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC!!! READ HERE!. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. - The secret movie.

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Unlike other secret endings, "A Fragmentary Passage" is. to simply watching a movie." ↑ Amiami: PSP Kingdom Hearts Birth. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 - Secret Ending?. although you have to have certain requirements to get it. but yea jus google kingdom hearts final mix secret ending.

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. which includes Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Kingdom. Each Battle Mission has its own rules and win requirements.[2]. in contrast to the secret movies seen.Kingdom Hearts/Keyblades & Other Weapons. Namespaces. while others may need special requirements. Contents. (final mix version is 14 attack,.

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Is it weird that I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 (for the first time) this week and my stats indicated I had gotten through the game with zero summons.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix proves the series’ worth, even if it makes little sense (review). coded the movie. Similar to the treatment Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.. and the scenes from the Secret Episode for Birth by Sleep Final Mix). and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix can now be. Additionally requirements for the.

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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts. how to unlock Secret Ending KH2 Final Mix?. in addition to the Gold Crown and the Journal to get the secret movie.Neoseeker Forums » Kingdom Hearts Community » PS3 Games » RPG. the only final fantasy 9. or turn the cutscenes into a full blown movie. 358 days.

An international version of the game titled Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix was. When certain requirements. the game contains a secret movie.

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Another side, Another story. is the secret ending of. It was later expanded in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix's secret. This mimics the style of old movie intro.

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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - Secret Ending (ENGLISH) (KH 0.2 BBS). Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Part 32 (Secret Episode) - Realm of Darkness - Playstation 3.

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Best Answer: As Kgrip92 said. Xemnas was only ever in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, a Japanese-only release of the game using English audio with a few extra.Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is. all the reports you have to create a new save file called ‘Final. to Unlock the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By.The Gathering is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II;. Games Movies TV. Wikis. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Edit.

Secret Movie - posted in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX:. this is the Final Mix version,. - fulfill all requirements for original secret ending.Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- contains a new secret movie!. are in top form in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix;. there are several bonus requirements,.. and depending on the technical requirements of. Gameplay in Kingdom Hearts. The Kingdom Hearts series games. After Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

Side Quests and Collectibles - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix: 99 Dalmations Quest Trinity Points Torn Pages Postcards Olympus Coliseum Arena Optional Bosses.

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Secret Ending - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix (HD 720p) - Birth By Sleep Secret Ending - Blank Points.